About us

Hunan embroidery, or Xiang embroidery, as one of the traditional folk arts of China, together with Cantonese embroidery, Sichuan embroidery and Suzhou embroidery, is regarded as the four most distinguished embroidery styles in China. It is a general name for the embroidery products which rise from and are mostly produced at Changsha, Hunan, with distinct characteristics of Chu culture. Hunan embroidery is particularly famous in embroidering with silk thread, and the patterns have a high sense of reality. In 2006, Hunan embroidery was selected into the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

Brand Introduction:
"Jincaixia" brand was founded in 1988 and is the first registered trademark in the industry. It is a well-known domestic brand of Hunan embroidery art created by Hunan Hunan Embroidery Research Institute.
"Jincaixia" Xiang Embroidery adheres to the brand concept of "inheritance, innovation, leadership, and ambition", creating original, personalized, dignified, and exquisite product features. It is not simply a superposition of silk threads. It has excellent creative design, perfect embroidery skills, unique artistic language, and lasting vitality, demonstrating to the world the essence of "charming silk, passing on through the years" and the legend of "singing orchid fingers, dancing silk with wisdom".
Brand naming interpretation:
The name "Jincaixia" comes from the first Xiang embroidery shop in the history of Xiang embroidery - "Wucaixia" embroidery shop. In 1898, its appearance marked the official commercialization of Xiang embroidery, and the booming development of Xiang embroidery industry.
Today, "Jincaixia" inherits the ancient tradition and constantly develops and innovates, reflecting the spirit of continuous self-improvement and profound cultural accumulation, and conveying the brand concept of inheritance, innovation, and leading ambition.
"Gold", a classic and noble color that has undergone thousands of trials and tribulations; "Colorful glow" means multicolored silky light, as bright as rosy clouds; "Jincaixia" means the charm of silk, which is passed down through the years and remains fresh over time. It is still a treasure. It also includes praise for my embroidery skills, which means that "golden fingers" can embroider colorful clouds all over the sky.
Brand Identity Interpretation:
The design of the "Jincaixia" trademark pattern highlights the creative thinking of integrating traditional Chinese elements with modern composition forms.
The classic circular logo has a stable and solid overall structure, implying the trustworthy and respected quality of its products, as well as the strong determination and will of Xiang Embroidery to innovate independently and develop continuously.
The color perception is dominated by red and gold, with red representing warmth and gold representing dignity.
The core image is a combination of the acronym "JCX" of the brand name and the Chinese characters in "Jincaixia", which display a unique style and highlight brand recognition through intuitive artistic techniques.